Recruiting Assistance with Halow Tassava Consulting

Thanks for reaching out to us for assistance with finding GREAT candidates for your clients.

About our Service

HTC has worked closely with all of our clients since we started in 2012.  Invariably one or two of those clients needed assistance finding great team members to work at their practice and we agreed to help.

Experienced CVPM Recruiter

Soon, we had a streamlined system in place to find great candidates .  And soon after that, we hired a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager to dedicate her time specifically to finding the best candidates for us.

Streamlined Approach Gets You Top 1-3% of Candidates

Practices typically hire one of the first few candidates we send over.  It’s because we have a screening process that eliminates all but the very best individuals. You’ll enjoy talking to our candidates on the phone and meeting them in person.  Your strong interest in them will positively color the whole interview process and ensure that everyone gets off on the right foot.

Here’s a little more about what we do when it comes to helping you find your next great team member.

  • Help you write a great ad
  • Set up an online account to advertise your position and manage it 5 days a week.
  • Provide a structured, streamlined, hiring process that eliminates all but the most qualified candidates
  • Interview all qualified candidates
  • Check all references for qualified candidates
  • Alert you when there is high quality candidate ready to be interviewed
  • Send respectful regret letters to those that don’t make the cut
  • Demonstrate that you are a warm, welcoming, professional organization by the way we interact with all candidates
  • Provide you a regular update of our progress

Additionally, your position will be advertized through HTC’s extensive social media audience at no additional cost.  Ads for doctors, practice managers and licensed techs are shared on physical bulletin boards at every conference that Bash and Brenda speak at.

Get Started

Start the process by filling in the form shown below.  Once we have your information, Bash, Brenda or one of our team members will reach out to you and answer more specific questions.

Thanks again!

This form will assist the HTC recruiting team with effectively managing your recruiting job. If you are searching for more than one position, please submit a separate form per job.
  • Use this field if you selected 'other' or to tell us any additional information about the candidate. There will be a separate section for you to add any ad or job description that you've already created.
  • Use this field to tell us the salary range and any information you want us to know about how to communicate this information to the applicant. Our recruiter will use their best judgement when discussing pay rates with prospective applicants.
  • Use this field to tell us about profit sharing, 401K, health insurance options, vacation time, sick time, ce, etc.
  • Please list the days of the week and the hours that the candidate must be available to work. Use the rest of the field to provide us with any additional information about the schedule or the hours that you believe are relevant. HTC will follow all EEOC guidelines when asking this question.
  • If you have a current job description written specifically for the position, you may upload it here. If you do not have a job description, use the field after this to list the major duties that the employee will be expected to perform.
    Accepted file types: doc, pdf, docx, jpg.
  • Use this space to provide us more information on the duties of the position.
  • Have you written an ad for the position that you would like us to post? Please upload it here.
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  • Use this space for additional information on the ad.
  • If you have an ad on Indeed, AVMA or any other site, we'll want to take that over. Use this section to provide us with your user name and password to the site. If you do NOT have an ad up and running, please use this section to tell us.
  • Use this field for anything else that you would like to tell us about the position.