Head Veterinary Technician Wanted Germantown Veterinary Clinic


Germantown Veterinary Clinic and Pet Resort is looking for a technical manager to lead the nursing department of our growing, popular practice.


Licensed Techs and Non-licensed Nurses May Apply

Ideally, you are an experienced credentialed technician, but we will review applications from non-credentialed veterinary nurses with extensive experience and leadership acumen.


lsHands-On Oversight

As leader of our technical team, you will be a part of our day-to-day veterinary nursing efforts, but you will also be required to monitor how the overall department is functioning and provide support, coaching and direction as needed.


Handle Scheduling and Annual Reviews

You will handle scheduling for all techs and conduct their annual reviews. As part of the general leadership team, you’ll work with the practice owner and manager to achieve mid-range and long-term goals, and then work with your tech team to see them realized.


The position requires emotional maturity, compassion and resolve. You’ll be the go-to person to handle client concerns (from a patient care perspective) and assist team members to interact positively and productively.


Excellent Benefits and Pay

We appreciate your interest in our company. We are a growing and professional organization with a positive, supportive culture. Our team members enjoy excellent benefits and pay.

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We look forward to hearing from you. We hope to be the practice where you can realize your full potential as a veterinary professional and build a lasting, lucrative career in veterinary medicine.