Veterinary Career? Not a 9-to-5 Job!

Whether you are a veterinarian or a veterinary practice manager or administrator, you are a veterinary professional. To most people this should mean you have a career in veterinary medicine.

Are Registered Veterinary Technicians professionals? Absolutely! Are Client Service Representatives professionals? Yes, they are! What about Veterinary Assistants and Kennel Attendants? They can be, if that is their chosen career. Support staff members are professionals when they buy into the bigger picture of a practice’s core values, mission and vision and carry them through on a day-to-day basis. They may be asked to be flexible in their schedules to cover the needs of the hospital when their co-workers call-in, or to cover holiday duties to care for hospitalized patients. They practice professionalism each and every time they interact with a client. Your job can be either a “job” or a “career” to them. It’s your choice.

By the same token, veterinarians, practice managers and administrators can expect calls in the evening, or on the weekends from staff about a variety of issues that may arise once they’ve left for the day. Are you making yourself available….in a pleasant manner? Your team needs to know you’re there for them if there’s an issue with the alarm system, or the roof is leaking during a major storm, or that they aren’t sure what to do in a given situation with a client or a patient. Does this make you a slave to your practice? NO! You are a veterinary professional and your career is just that…a career, not a 9-to-5 job.